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Imperial Researcher awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship

Dr Efstratios Batzelis, of Imperial’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, has been awarded an Engineering for Development Research Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering. During this fellowship (5 years; £867,190), Dr Batzelis will address solar Integration challenges in developing countries. He said:

“Over 1.1 billion people lack access to cheap and reliable electricity in developing countries, this being a major barrier to economic and social development. During my fellowship, I will be exploring how to bring more energy from the sun to the people of India. I will be investigating how to make the solar energy systems more “friendly” to the electrical network and how to use the solar technology towards better electricity access in isolated communities in rural India.

This project is strongly linked to the JUICE consortium, both research-wise and sharing partners from the UK and India; in fact, JUICE was the stepping stone to set up the research programme. We will be working closely in the following years, exchanging knowledge and participating in dissemination and public engagement activities.”

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