Clean Energy Potential (WP2)

Prof Bikash Pal WP coordinator (ICL) The provision of clean energy from large PV Park to the customer premises involve integration with power network infrastructure. The security of energy supply requires the sources of energy to be reliable. Because of the nature of the PV – the reliability and availability have to be provided through storage. The storage is a[...]

Clean Energy Provision (WP3)

Prof Andy Cruden – WP coordinator, University of Southampton The WP will deliver the tools for performance assessment and prediction of microgrids, system dynamics and control of micro- and national grids. The delivered models are critical for assessing the impact of RE and ES on the power delivery. The work will investigate practicalities of RE and ES systems. Efforts will[...]

Economic Value (WP4)

Dr Chiara Candelise WP Coordinator, ICL WP4 aims at delivering a system approach to evaluating integration of renewables in power systems, by techno-socio-economic assessment and analysis of different integration options available. The options and tools, whose physical boundaries and operational performance are assessed in WP2 and WP3, are here integrated into techno-economic modelling and analysis in order to provide scenarios,[...]