Solar Resource for DNO Regions

PV Performance data for modelling available generation in Distribution Network Operator areas

The spreadsheets available for download below contain hourly values for 2005-2014 for each of 12 UK Distribution Network Operators for the following parameters: Air Temperature deg.C., Global Horizontal Irradiance (G0) Wh/m^2, In-plane irradiance (due south, 22 deg. Tilt) G.POA Whm^2, Module Temperature deg. C. (Tmod), kWh/kWp. Installed Capacity of Solar Farms 2015 (MWelec) and Overallenergy MWh.

Solar Resource by DNO Overview



East England

East Midlands


North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire

West Midlands

North East England

North West England

South East England

Southern England

South Wales

South West England


NOTE: Higher spatial resolution data is available upon request


Data analysis

Location of solar farms and domestic installations compared to solar resource and population distribution.


UK solar farm and population maps


Data preparation

Installed capacity of solar farms is for 2015 from:

The meteorological and energy data is calculated from UK Meteorological Office measured values as described in publications:

Data usage

If you make use of this data, please:

  1. E-mail with details of your employer/institution and a brief description of the project for which you require the data.
  2. Cite this journal paper in any publications.
  3. Feel free to link this webpage and the journal papers to any relevant online resources.


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