Clean Energy Potential (WP2)

Prof Bikash Pal WP coordinator (ICL)

The provision of clean energy from large PV Park to the customer premises involve integration with power network infrastructure. The security of energy supply requires the sources of energy to be reliable. Because of the nature of the PV – the reliability and availability have to be provided through storage. The storage is a technology that offers the continuity of the energy supply during the period of less or no sunshine. The network infrastructure offer challenges from the perspective of voltage and energy flow management. The work package in clean energy provision undertakes research to tackle these technical problem through comprehensive modelling, analysis and control design. The entire portfolio of research activity integrates eight technical activities from: PV Performance mapping for modelling available generation through development of suitable tools. This is inputted to the activity on Models and algorithm development for network stability and control study for developing PV control in lab hardware to provide ancillary services to the grid. The understanding of demand through high-resolution model of domestic electricity demand in rural and urban India is an essential part of network analysis and control. Just like flow of energy from the large PV Park to network – the flow of energy within and from large building are explored from the perspective of buildings as power station or microgrid. The reliably provision of energy can only be enabled if robust energy storage systems are integrated into the network energy management and control. The framework of storage modelling and integration through other enabling technology such as control form an essential part of this work package to optimise the hosting capacity of network. All the UK researchers are engaged with Indian partners through well-defined technical collaboration. The activities and progress of the team are reviewed and discussed to stay with the original goal within the overall activity of the project. The details of the technical activities are further elaborated.

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