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WP2: ES models and simulation tools to share with the research community both in the UK and India

The University or Warwick team are currently developing an Energy Storage Toolbox on the Matlab/Simulink platform that will allow users to access dynamic simulation models of various energy storage components (particularly Compressed Air and Thermal ES components) to assist in the development of ES system simulation models. The models are stored and organised into a Simulink Library which can be downloaded from the website http://estoolbox.org/. Existing modules are being improved and new ones added continuously. Support from the JUICE project members is welcomed in this task. Additional ES based tools can also be added (e.g. Storage Cavern Volume Calculation).


  • Develop a full Energy Storage simulation model library in the Matlab/Simulink platform
  • Use the tool to assist in the simulation of Energy Storage systems
  • Add additional functionality, such as storage vessel sizing calculations, to the tool

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