Clean Energy Provision (WP3)

Prof Andy Cruden – WP coordinator, University of Southampton

The WP will deliver the tools for performance assessment and prediction of microgrids, system dynamics and control of micro- and national grids. The delivered models are critical for assessing the impact of RE and ES on the power delivery. The work will investigate practicalities of RE and ES systems. Efforts will be split into temporal variations, which are relevant for microgrids or very localised portions of the grid (e.g. buildings), and geo-spatial and temporal variations. Latter are critical to understand the impact of distributed energy systems, or larger systems that are removed from the demand, on the power systems. Just the geographic size of India means that the maximum solar generation is shifted by more than an hour from the East to the West side of the country. Also weather fronts moving over countries will cause generation to drop in geographically limited areas.


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