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Control algorithm of storage in dynamic systems D8

In this task we will identify short term storage alternatives for cooling, balancing energy production and energy demand under different conditions. The use of Thermal Energy Storage technologies to enhance the performance of PV panels and to develop a control strategy will be presented in two case studies:

  1. Phase Change Materials (PCM) for PV panels thermal management: PCMs can absorb heat from PV thus limiting temperature rise and improving its performance. Moreover, PCMs can reduce the temperature rise of buildings to which PV is attached, either building applied (BAPV) or building integrated (BIPV).
  2. Liquid Air Energy Storage(LAES) coupled with PV farms: LAES can store the excess electricity generated from PV farm to overcome the solar energy intermittency and can provide low grade waste cold for PV panels thermal management.


  • Identification of Thermal Energy Storage technologies for PV panels performance enhancement.
  • Analysis of the use of Phase Change materials for PV panels thermal management
  • Summary of benefits of LAES and its ability to deploy renewable energy as an ES technology and low-grade waste cold provider for PV panels thermal management

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