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Examine how solar power and energy storage can be used to reduce the environmental impact of energy use with a focus on road transport

Road transport is projected to remain a very large and growing sector of energy use in India, and in the UK. The conversion of road transport from liquid hydrocarbon fuels to electricity offers a very substantial saving in greenhouse gas emissions. If managed badly, the charging of electric vehicle (EV) batteries could overwhelm the electricity grid. However, if managed well, EV battery charging is a controllable load that can become a form of demand response, accommodating the availability of solar PV power. This task will identify when and where EVs should be charged, within a low-carbon electricity grid.


  • Conduct feasibility studies of electricity-based transport options for India
  • Develop a single-node time-step model of the Indian electricity system including domestic, commercial, industrial and transport energy and a large penetration of solar PV generation
  • Make recommendations of feasible decarbonisation pathways for transport in India

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