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Optimal control and management strategy for energy storage integration with distributed power generation and micro grid

The power generation from renewable sources such as solar and wind become less expensive in recent year. To integrate the intermittent renewable energy to the power supply system, power system flexible operation is highly needed. Energy storage is widely recognised as an enabling technology for realisation of flexibility. The work is to study the optimal control and management strategy to enable energy storage to serve the needs of flexible operation at its best performance. The team at Warwick has established a “campus living laboratory” by integrating thermal and electrical energy storage units to the University combined heat and power energy system so the control strategy developed can be test with real-time operation data.


  • Study the role of energy storage in distributed power generation and micro grid
  • Develop optimal control strategy to maximise the benefits of energy storage integration and also maximise the storage facility’s life time
  • Conduct techno-economic study to maximise the financial gain from energy storage integration.