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PV deployment: challenges and economics of grid integration and potential of off-grid solutions

Sheridan Few, Chiara Candelise, Jenny Nelson

We use GIS based techniques to model and map local balance between PV generation and demand, the impact of embedded PV generation impact on local power flows, and the potential of storage and smart grid solution to mitigate negative impacts. We consider economic implications of differing future levels of PV, storage, and grid reinforcement.

We also use computational modelling to facilitate improved integration of PV into the grid, and improved potential of off-grid PV to contribute to rural electrification, considering economic implications of technical choices. We explore the application of these techniques to the UK and Indian context, and assess policy and regulatory implications in both the UK and India.


  • GIS based model of embedded PV integration into the grid and economic implications in the UK and in India.
  • Development of scenarios for future PV and smart grid solutions deployment in the UK and in India.
  • Publication of results in academic journals

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