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A JUICE report is published on ‘Characterisation of a novel battery technology’

We are pleased to announce that a JUICE report on ‘Characterisation of a novel battery technology, the FZSoNicK 48TL200, before shipping to India for installation’ by Chrispin Mbewe and Richard Blanchard within the Loughborough team, has now been published.

Battery energy storage is an important technology for mitigating the impacts of intermittence associated with renewable energy electricity generation. There is a wide range of new and old competing technologies with different promises on their performance. This work reports results from characterisation of a novel sodium‐nickel battery, the FZSoNick 48TL200, before onward shipment to India for further real‐life studies on its performance at Mt Abu. The battery completed 39 cycles of laboratory‐based experiments for measuring capacity and efficiency using a test rid designed and built within CREST. The results were validated by running a few cycles on another test rig.

Please click here to read the full report.


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