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Models, algorithm and technical publication

Firdous Ul-Nazir and Bikash Pal, Imperial College London


The huge integration of renewable based distribution generation (DG) sources like photovoltaic (PV) systems whose output is highly intermittent, renders the classical distribution system voltage optimization schemes ineffective, as these schemes function on the premise of deterministic nodal net injections. This work package aims at finding alternative volt/var control schemes which take into account the uncertainty associated with PV power generation so as to facilitate their smooth integration with the distribution network. The idea is to model the nodal injection uncertainties with suitable probability distribution functions (pdf) and incorporate these pdfs into developed optimization algorithms. These algorithms will be able to dispatch robust schedules of controlling devices.


  • Model the uncertainties in the PV generation and costumer loads with suitable pdfs.
  • Develop stochastic volt/var control scheme which is able to handle the nodal uncertainties and provide robust solutions.
  • Validate the developed algorithm on benchmark test cases and practical networks

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