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Algorithm, laboratory HIL simulation model and demonstration and technical publication

Dr Efstratios Batzelis and Bikash Pal, Imperial College London

To attain a future with significant solar integration, the photovoltaic (PV) systems should provide a full range of ancillary services to the gird, such as operating reserves, frequency response, reactive power injection etc. This work package is dedicated to investigating ways and methods to provide these services without energy storage. The idea is to derive control schemes for the PV inverter that permit operation at a reduced power level, thus providing the necessary power margin that allows for up/down regulation of the output power on command. Such a control scheme could constitute an easy and cost-effective solution for any PV system.


  • Identify the ancillary services that a PV system should provide in the future
  • Derive control schemes for PV systems that permit keeping reserves and provide these services without energy storage
  • Experimental validation on actual PV systems

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