Economic Value (WP4)

Dr Chiara Candelise WP Coordinator, ICL

WP4 aims at delivering a system approach to evaluating integration of renewables in power systems, by techno-socio-economic assessment and analysis of different integration options available. The options and tools, whose physical boundaries and operational performance are assessed in WP2 and WP3, are here integrated into techno-economic modelling and analysis in order to provide scenarios, simulations and structured evidence to support economic implementation and policy choices both in the UK and Indian contexts.

The role and value of smart grid technologies and demand side management in facilitating cost effective integration of solar PV into power networks are addressed through different methods and modelling frameworks (including stochastic modelling, simulation tools, GIS based modelling and mapping). Implementation challenges and conditions for mini and local grid solutions are also assessed (for both on and off grid applications, and under both UK and Indian contexts). The economics of PV grid integration and the business models for the implementation of smart grid solutions are analysed, as well as the enabling regulatory and policy frameworks.

Co-Is members of WP4 are: Jihong Wang, University of Warwick; Chiara Candelise & Jenny Nelson, Imperial College London; Goran Strbac, Imperial College London; J. Mutale, University of Manchester; M. Thompson, Loughborough University, Yulong Ding, University of Birmingham.

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